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Why can’t I hear the audio?

Please try the following test to help determine what might be causing the issue:

1. Test audio on your device: To do this, please open a new tab in your browser and go to Select and play any video as an audio test. If you cannot hear the audio while playing this video, you have a local issue on your device and you need to troubleshoot your audio output.

2. Try another internet browser: Audio issues commonly happen in some versions of AOL browsers or in Safari. Try opening another internet browser. Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer are all free to download. If you open our page and play our audio file in a new browser and it works, this may indicate an incorrect setting within the browser you first attempted to use.

3. Please update or enable your flash plugin. HTML 5 audio may not be supported by your browser, and Flash may be disabled or out of date. You may need the most recent flash plugin to play the audio. Unfortunately many browsers do not update this flash plugin automatically. If you install the Chrome browser, it will automatically update these plugins. Click here to download the latest version of the Flash player:

Why can I only access 5 days of the free meditation program?

During the free period of the 25 Days of Presence all meditations are available for unlimited online listening for 5 full days after they are originally published. If you are joining us after day 5 of the meditation experience, some of the daily meditations will not be available.

To experience the complete meditation you can purchase a downloadable version of the entire meditation set.

How does the meditation program work?

Daily Program Emails and Login – During the free period of 25 Days of Presence, you will receive a daily program email. This daily email will provide you with a summary of the day and a link to the meditation page.

You do not need the daily email to access the free meditations. If you would like to login at any other time, please click on this link and use your email address/password, Facebook or Google credentials to login: Please be sure to add to your address book or spam filter to ensure you receive the daily email.



What if I fall asleep when I meditate?

Good question. But first, congratulations. You’re probably catching up on some much needed rest.

There is nothing wrong with falling asleep while meditating.

If you find yourself falling asleep, you might find it interesting to observe the feelings that accompany falling asleep. It is possible to bring your awareness to that edge when consciousness is sliding into sleep.

In this way, the act of falling asleep becomes part of the meditation. You bring your awareness to what it feels like to fall asleep.

How should I sit to meditate?

It’s best to sit in a way that inspires relaxed alertness. Having your back straight can help to keep you alert and allow energy to flow freely within you.

If you’re seated cross-legged on the floor, you’ll find it easier to sit with your back straight if your hips are higher than your knees. You can accomplish this by having a cushion or two under your bottom.

You can also lie down for these meditations. That’s ok. Make yourself comfortable.

What if I don’t have a lot of time?

We understand that Christmas is a busy time of year. All of the meditations take less than fifteen minutes. You might find that by dedicating fifteen minutes each day to meditation, you feel like you have more time in the rest of your day.

What if I've never meditated before?

It’s ok if you’ve never meditated before. This course is for beginners as well as experts. All are welcome. You’ll find the instruction in this course inspiring and easy to follow.


What information do you keep if I login with Facebook?

If you registered and are logging into our platform using Facebook, we only receive your name and email address.

When you post in our Facebook-provided comment panel, you have an option for your post to appear only for our community and not to send your post to Facebook. Please click on “Add a Comment” and before you post your comment, un-check the “Post to Facebook” check-box to achieve this.

If you still want to post to Facebook as well, you can set who is able to see your posts by default under your privacy settings in your Facebook account