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Let There Be Peace on Earth…Let it Begin with Me.

Imagine a world where people cared for each other, the environment, and themselves. This world is possible—it begins within each of us.

Mindfulness meditation is a tool for peace. It increases feelings of compassion and wellbeing. It’s a simple way to expand your ability to care for and connect with others.

We’ll give you step-by-step mindfulness meditation instruction that will help you:

  • Manage thoughts & emotions with awareness and self-kindness
  • Feel more love, connection, and harmony in your relationships
  • Embrace and accept yourself and others
  • Increase wellbeing and decrease stress and anxiety

Have yourself a mindful little Christmas. Here’s how:


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Our Hope for Peace

Josh and Lindsey WiseMany years ago we moved to Bali, looking for a more peaceful life. On the “Island of the Gods” we immersed ourselves in meditation, traditional wisdom, and nature. During our eight years living there, we learned lessons that we’ve brought back to California.

Like you, we’re troubled by the challenges we’re facing as human beings. How will we come together to solve these issues?

Quite simply, the answer is love. We as human beings need to learn to love one another. That’s why we’re sharing meditation. Meditation helps us grow beyond fear. Meditation teaches love—love of self and other.

Our Gift to You — 25 FREE Guided Meditations

Free Guided Meditations

Christmas MeditationsWe’ve created 25 guided meditations that are designed to help you learn to love yourself, love others, and love all beings. We’re offering them to you as a gift.

We’ll be sending out a new meditation every day from December 1st through Christmas Day. These meditations will help you develop mindful presence, compassion, and wellbeing.

It’s ok if you’ve never meditated before. We’ll guide you each step of the way.

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